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Rittal, leading the trend of standardized solutions

on April 9, 2008, the 11th Northeast China International Instrument and industrial automation exhibition was opened in Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Shanghai Weitu electronic and Mechanical Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with its innovative product ts8 system

it is understood that Rittal ts8, the top box system, has the following features:

★ simple design with unlimited possibilities

★ revolutionary 16 fold profile

★ high compatibility - compatible with all PS4000 accessories

★ standardization - all new products, accessory systems and solutions of Rittal are developed based on the talented double-layer frame structure of ts8 platform

★ which can achieve a space expansion of up to 15%, Wiring or installation of new air-conditioning components can be carried out between the inner and outer frames

ts cabinets. The secret of success lies in: using fewer parts to achieve more possibilities, supporting omni-directional cabinet consolidation up, down, left and right, and having a variety of installation options in different directions. All these require less materials than before to achieve higher stability

door panels can be installed on all sides

the revolutionary design concept provides great versatility: each vertical plane of the TS cabinet can be installed with hinges, the back plate can be easily changed into a door panel, and both side plates can be installed with hinges

up, down, left and right cabinets are fully combined

thanks to the redesign of the cabinet size, TS has more available space. No matter around, in front of, behind, on the left, on the right, or even above the corner of the cabinet, there are unlimited possibilities for cabinet consolidation

high 2) compatibility with PS4000

combines the advantages of PS4000 - excellent panel system. Ts8 is an innovative top-level solution. Basically, all PS system accessories can be directly installed on the panel or frame

high stability box system

compared with PS4000, the frame weight of ts8 is reduced by 15%, and the stability is improved by 30%, which can bear the weight of more than 1000 kg; The corners are fully welded and very firm

multiple 4 Background parameters of friction and wear testing machine: when the manufacturer leaves the factory, the background parameters are set to be functional

ts8, which has up to 1000 standardized components of various sizes. The versatility generated by the symmetrical design is the key to the success of each application scheme, helping customers create greater value


to replace the same type of products imported from Japan in any modern cabinet after many times of improvement, it is a key safety task to mechanically protect the parts installed inside. In this regard, ts8 has created a new trend, with excellent safety and simple operation - which will also increase the friction resistance. It is realized through the new door lock system, and you can also combine it with the comfortable handle


ps panel system first achieves a breakthrough in assembly speed, and ts8 further consolidates this advantage. For example, it can greatly save the installation time of the base and connecting piece clapboard, so as to save costs

on site visitors and manufacturers are very interested in Rittal's innovative products. This exhibition also provides a good caliber for Rittal to enter the Northeast market. This fully proves that Rittal has always expressed its concept of continuously serving customers with innovative solutions and continuously improving its innovation ability to industry customers with actions

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