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Basic knowledge of drive sprocket

sprocket is divided into driving sprocket and driven sprocket. The driving sprocket is installed on the engine output shaft in the form of splines; The driven sprocket is installed on the motorcycle driving wheel, and the power is transmitted to the driving wheel through the chain. Generally, the driving sprocket is smaller than the driven sprocket, which can reduce the speed and increase the torque

performance characteristics of drive sprocket

① selection of materials - both large sprocket and small sprocket are stamped with high-quality carbon structural steel

② processing and treatment process - adopt (3) advanced milling process for automatic shutdown with preset test times to make the tooth shape more accurate. The overall sprocket has been subject to quenching and tempering heat treatment, which has greatly improved its comprehensive mechanical properties. The tooth hardness has reached more than 68-72hra, significantly improving the wear resistance of the sprocket. The surface was sprayed and electroplated

③ product series - the hope of economy and practicality can help you with ordinary sprockets and high-quality sprockets with superior performance

disassembly and assembly of sprocket

1. The driving sprocket

the driving sprocket is combined with the engine output shaft in the form of spline, and is fixed with spline baffle or nut. When removing, remove the sprocket cover, remove the chain, unscrew the spline baffle or fixing nut, and then pull out the small sprocket. When assembling, proceed in the reverse order

2. Driven sprocket

① support the main bow to tilt the rear wheel

② loosen the fastening nut and adjuster nut of the rear axle, and remove the chain box and chain

③ disassemble the brake pull rod after the test, and pull out the rear wheel assembly together

④ remove the bolts, nuts or retaining rings that fix the sprocket, and remove the rear hub or pin bolts of the sprocket

⑤ install in the reverse order. Tighten the sprocket fixing nut or bolt (30-50n. M) and the rear axle nut (50-80n. M) according to the specified torque

installation requirements and precautions for drive sprocket

installation requirements

① correctly select the model of drive sprocket according to the model specification

② check whether the position where the transmission sprocket is installed (transmission output countershaft, hub, etc.) is in good condition, otherwise it is necessary to repair or replace relevant parts

③ install the driving and driven sprockets in place according to the correct method, and tighten the fasteners to meet the specified torque requirements

④ after installing the transmission chain and adjusting the tightness, check whether the chain and sprocket fit smoothly and coplanar, and have no interference with the chain cover. You can still master it in a short time according to the video tutorial


① the driven sprocket shall be provided with locking measures

② after the driven sprocket is loaded, the rear axle shall be aligned by using the regulator and the rear cradle (also known as the rear wheel fork) scribed line, which can not only prevent the rear wheel from running away, but also avoid the early wear of the sprocket and chain

③ it is better to replace the sprocket and chain at the same time. If only one of them is replaced, it will aggravate the wear of both sides

④ as the driving sprocket has high speed and few teeth, it wears faster than the driven gear under the same conditions, which is normal

⑤ regularly clean and lubricate the drive chain and drive sprocket to improve their service life

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