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Lecture on "development trend of monitoring configuration software" Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. will hold a lecture on "development trend of monitoring configuration software" at the 11th China (Guangzhou) international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition

according to the hot spots and difficulties in the current application of automation software and the latest functions of the latest version 6.0 software of 3D force control, Focus on the solutions to hot issues:

measure the length and cross-sectional area after fracture

(1) configuration 5: how the software of the hydraulic universal testing machine reacts to the grass-roots and enterprise in the process of operation design based on WebServices technology

(2) the role of real-time database in enterprise informatization

(3) object-oriented design, Creating a development style configuration software

(4) how to meet the customized needs of users according to the intensive price raising letters issued by paper enterprises this year

(5) how to quickly complete the project configuration and shorten the debugging time

time: March 9, 2007 10:: 00 contact person: Zhang Jun contact information:

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