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Now there are more and more door and window stores, dazzling people. What do the numbers of broken bridge aluminum door and window series represent? As people who don't know about doors and windows, they may be confused. Let's learn from you today

1. Width difference

bridge breaking aluminum 55 series is 5.5 cm wide, 60 series is 6 cm wide, 70 series is 7 cm wide, and so on. Different types of bridge breaking aluminum have different material widths, which means that the same ton of bridge breaking aluminum produces different types of bridge breaking aluminum, and their quantities are different. This 1 cm, the material price varies greatly, and the hardness and wall thickness of the material are different

the material of bridge aluminum 70 series is very wide, which is 2-3 cm wider than that of bridge aluminum 55 series. For example, if the price of the same ton of aluminum is 26000 yuan, there are 70 materials in bridge aluminum 70 series, and the bridge aluminum 55 series can produce 100 pieces. Is it the same ton of bridge aluminum profiles? Bridge aluminum 55 series can produce more square meters of bridge aluminum doors and windows than bridge aluminum 70 series

2. Sealing difference

most of the 70 series of bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows are designed with six to ten seals, so the sealant strip is much more than the 55 series of bridge cutoff aluminum, and the price of high-quality EPDM adhesive strip is also very high. The 60 series are generally three or six seals

3. Wall thickness difference

bridge breaking aluminum 70 series adopts 1.8mm wall thickness aluminum profile, while Zhongwang 60 series adopts 1.4mm wall thickness aluminum profile. Although the difference is only 0.4mm, if it is calculated into one piece of material, there will be a difference of several thousand yuan per ton of material. First of all, the wall thickness of the 70 series of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows is thicker than that of the 55 series. Take the 70 series of broken bridge aluminum as an example, the wall thickness is 1.8mm, while the 55 series of broken bridge aluminum is 1.4mm of the national standard

4. Different glass

bridge breaking aluminum 70 series is equipped with 5+22+5 insulating glass as standard, while 60 series is equipped with 5+15+5 insulating glass as standard. In terms of sound insulation, 70 series is better than 60 series

the above values are common bridge broken aluminum doors and windows series, which you can refer to when purchasing doors and windows


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