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From March 17 to March 18, 2015, Shangpin took off 2015! The May Day kick-off meeting of the decisive battle of the peak was grandly held in Luban hotel in Tengzhou, and the event ended satisfactorily

from March 17 to March 18, 2015, Shangpin will take off 2015! The May Day kick-off meeting of the decisive battle of the peak was grandly held in Luban Hotel, Tengzhou. At the meeting, Zeng Jin, a teacher from Beijing Sihe consulting, the top building materials consulting company in China, came to share with some excellent agents of Shangpin natural color his "super promotion system for building ten million dealers" compiled after more than ten years of research on the building materials industry

the training takes the A6 model of tens of millions of dealers as the main line, and has carried out training for dealers in modules such as team building, exhibition hall rectification, promotion and promotion, and activity plan planning. At the beginning of the training, Mr. Zeng Jin grouped the excellent agents present, clarified the rules and details of PK mode, let each dealer participate, personally experience the improvement brought by team building to everyone, and let dealers deeply feel the importance of the team through team display, interactive games, PK mode and other ways

in addition to team building and activity plan planning, Mr. Zeng Jin also deeply analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Shangpin's existing store design with designers, and showed the hardware conditions required by a good store with actual cases, and put forward constructive suggestions for our store design. At the same time, Mr. Zeng Jin explored the sales channels and trained the after-sales service, including the skills and training of sales channels such as community sales and telemarketing. In promotional activities, skilled and professional shopping guides plus a good event planning can better sell products. In the whole activity, from planning to design, from landing to implementation, every step is crucial, and the highlights and innovations in each step will come to a different wonderful

Mr. Zeng Jin's simple and easy explanation of the entire home building materials industry shocked everyone. Everyone was deeply impressed by the unique creativity of the promotional activities. Each participant treated the training meeting with full enthusiasm and modesty. From the smiles on each face and the notes that he remembered, it can be seen that the dealers who are good at quality still gained a lot in this kick-off meeting

2015 is destined to be an extraordinary year, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for the building materials industry. I believe that with the quality and reputation of upholding the nature of products, and the escort of thinking and consulting, we will surely walk out of a different wonderful year in 2015




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