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The basic reason why baidibao health plate brand can be selected by agent dealers and favored by consumers is that it has strength

although a great storm of environmental protection in 2017 eliminated many plate brands, today's China's plate market is still highly competitive, with countless brands; The basic reason why baidibao health plate brand can be selected by agent dealers and favored by consumers is that it has strength

baidibao health plate brand speaks with strength: cost performance, material quality, use effect, and meet the different needs of consumers in many ways

cost performance: the previous decoration formula was as follows: wood board + veneer + paint, now baidibao ecological board = one board. It saves time, effort and money, and baidibao ecological board wins completely

material and quality: baidibao E0 paint free ecological board uses aerobic high-quality core materials of more than 30 years as the core. The double-sided expansion coefficient of the board is the same, but it is not easy to deform, the surface is flat, the color is bright, pressure resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, so that the whole home is full of original ecological and natural flavor. Compared with the ecological board based on particleboard and MDF, baidibao paint free ecological board has once again won in terms of stability and durability

use effect: baidibao brand products are produced in strict accordance with national environmental protection standards. The formaldehyde emission limit of E0 grade plate in the national environmental protection standard is less than or equal to 0.5 mg per liter, while the formaldehyde emission of baidibao E0 grade plate has been less than or equal to 0.2 mg every time, which is better than three times the national environmental protection standard; Baidibao E0 grade board will not have the taste like traditional melamine board, and even the fragrance of wood. In addition to bringing environmental protection to life, the rest is only health

do you think these are the only advantages of the products under the brand of baidebao health plate

here we solemnly tell you that the products of baidibao plate brand also have many advantages, such as high environmental protection level, many kinds of designs and colors, excellent quality, excellent quality, both internal quality and external beauty

is there any other reason why it is widely praised besides its strong strength


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